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I think this product "software.informer" is great but I just noticed that a piece of software that I have installed is not listed, EasyUninstaller?  I will check my computer to see if it is the only software that is not listed but for now I wonder how can I get it to show up on the installed software searches?

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I have a similar complaint - my SIClient lists me with 97 programs, but the online webpage shows only 93 - 4 clearly "missing".  I've advised SI, but no response as yet.

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I love SI.  SI has picked up every program I have installed except 1 - ESET Smart Security.  Not sure why, though thought I would add this here in case it can help the developers provide a fix.  tongue

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Caramelka wrote:

Dear Eagle_Kiwi,
We have alredy sent to you our response by email. ... ...

???  I've seen no email from you, Caramelka.  :-(   Please check, and/or resend.

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The problem I have is a little dfferent:

SI still shows (online) software that I have removed a couple of day ago, like "one note" from msoffice.

Also it showed there is an update for VLC media player, but the version it shows that should be new is already an old version. alltough it is still newer then I have.

Peazip I have updated, but SI still say that I have the old version.

What is the bennefit if having SI starting up with the PC and let it run on the background?

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I had see that softwares can't be detected if they don't write the registry. (with mirandaIM, I use an archive when I need to reinstall my system, to keep my plugins and preferences)
So I reinstal it, but, Maybe it can be usefull to add a functionnality to "force" si to see a software wich is not in registry, like portables softwares (by portable, I don't want to specify OS portability, but machine portability).

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Uninstall the Program. The installation program may detect that this program is already installed on your computer and provide an option to uninstall it.
Run the Uninstall Program Included in the Uninstall Folder.
Use the Uninstall Command Displayed in the Registry.
Shorten the Registry Key Name.