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My Raxco PerfectDisk Professional is reported as Home Premium, and PIXELA ImageMixer SE (bundled with a camcorder) is reported as PIXELA ImageMixer, which is pretty different software.

Re: Incorrectly detected software

Thanks, we'll look into it and contact you shortly.

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your software has not detected Qlock 1.9 which is on my pc

also your software has not updated irfanview correctly to Version 4.33 it still showing 4.32


Re: Incorrectly detected software

Cheers, we're looking into both issues now. Must be a relatively recent thing with Qlock, since the previous versions are all in place.

Re: Incorrectly detected software

Set Windows to automatically prompt for your feedback. Windows is already configured to automatically prompt for feedback by default. To ensure this feature is turned on, select Start > Settings > Privacy  > Diagnostics & feedback. Under Feedback frequency, make sure that Windows is set to ask for your feedback automatically.

Manually send feedback at any time through the Feedback Hub app. To send feedback, type Feedback Hub in the search box on the taskbar, then select it from the list of results to open the app. In the app, select Feedback > Add new feedback. Select Security, Privacy, and Accounts > Windows Defender Antivirus as the category.