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hi just updated my new versions of my drivers ...and my software.informer still showing it that i hold an older version even after refreshing it...why?

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Could you please elaborate which drivers you're referring to?

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am using acer 5920 and windows 7 ultimate...i updated my latest versions of my drivers like Ricoh memory stick host controllers,ricoh SD/MMC host controllers,etc but software informer still shows that i have older versions of these drivers same in case of softwares .

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Could you please list those wrong updates in the following format:
Name - installed version (according to Device Manager) - detected version (in SI Client) - suggested latest version (in SI Client).

Also, if it's not too much to ask, could you include a link where you've downloaded each of those updated drivers from?

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1.Ricoh memory stick host controllers-(

2.Ricoh SD/MMC host controllers-(

3.HDAUDIO soft data fax modem with smartCP-(

4.Ricoh xD-picture card controller-(

              These were the drivers and same case is with my softwares also, i downloaded the latest versions and SI Client is still showing that i have old version and all these softwares and drivers i downloaded from the sites provided by SI Client.
These are the installed versions and the latest versions shown by the the SI Client given above in brackets.

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Thank you, we'll have a look which of those are wrong - the reported versions, the download links, or both.

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when will you solve this problem? will i be notified for it?

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The issue has proved much more complicated than we anticipated. It appears that most of these drivers should also be filtered by Notebook manufacturers, who often provide very different versions even within their own model range. There is usually no universal driver to link to, and drivers intended for Acer notebooks often won't work for Sony ones.

E.g. look at the downloads offered for the Memory Stick Host Controllers. The Windows 7 32-bit download points to; whilst the Windows XP 64-bit one leads to

If these could be rectified by means of providing proper universal links for reported versions, it would be a trivial fix. Even regular users can do this (by clicking on the 'Suggest a correction' link on respective driver pages). But in this case this would only be a half-way solution, and would likely infuriate some notebook owners because their devices would stop working. No, fixing this issue implies a complete overhaul of the whole process of gathering driver versions and their download links - and I wouldn't even dare to give you an approximate ETA on when we'll be able to tackle this. For the time being, please avoid downloading updates for those devices that are mostly found in notebooks. That's the best advice I can give.

Are you looking for drivers for a specific notebook model? I could try to fix you up with official updates if you like, just tell me your notebook's manufacturer and model.

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yes i will be thankful to you,if you fix up my notebook updates, i got acer  aspire 5920.

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Well, here's the official FTP server with all the drivers for your notebook. Whenever they release updated versions of model-specific drivers, they put them there, so it's safer to just download all the drivers from that folder (alternatively, you can use the web interface) - and you should be good to go.

If there are no updated drivers in that folder, it likely means that the updated drivers don't support your laptop.

This said, though, if you're feeling adventurous, open the Device Manager from the Control Panel, find the device whose driver you're intending to update, right-click on it, pick Properties, switch to the Details tab, and write down the following info (you can't copy it, you'll have to write it down manually):

That's VEN_xxxx&DEV_xxxx&SUBSYS_xxxxxx&REV_xx (some of the latter two may be missing, don't worry). Then just paste that info into Google and find out which other notebooks have the same device as yours. After that, you can try searching the downloads for those notebooks - maybe they're offering a slightly updated version.

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ok...i checked that there is no update of my drivers version since 2010 !!!  and thanks alot for helping me..

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No bother at all.

One last note: the timestamps on those files on the FTP server don't actually mean that those files were put there back in 2010. Since they're all absolutely identical (15.10.10 00:00:00), and it's impossible to upload so much data within just one second, it's safe to assume that those timestamps were manually assigned by the FTP server admin. Whether those drivers are any newer than yours - you can only tell that by comparing the versions.

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Index of /notebook/aspire_5920/vista/Drivers/                 ............ but i have windows 7 AND 32 bit...will it work?

as you said earlier "right-click on it, pick Properties, switch to the Details tab, and write down the following info (you can't copy it, you'll have to write it down manually)" we cant right in detail tab.

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Yep, they will work on Windows 7.

As for the device info in the Details tab, you don't need to write it there. You need to type it into the search box on Google or Bing or whatever search engine you use. That info - VEN_xxxx&DEV_xxxx&SUBSYS_xxxxxx&REV_xx - you may call it an internal name of your device. This is how you will know you're downloading the correct driver. (To verify the validity of downloaded drivers, simply open the driver's .inf file and look if your VEN_xxx&DEV_xxx... is listed there).

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ok i got it, thanks buddy for helping me.. smile

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i wanna ask you one more thing,in my programs and features where programs are installed, its showing  ''microsoft visual c++ 2005 and 2008 redistributable'' installed 5 times... i have to keep them or i have to keep only one and delete others ?
i dont know how to send image here,,,otherwise it will become easy  for you to understand this problem.

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No worries, I know what you're talking about. These are libraries required by some other programs you've installed. And the reason they're listed several times is that there are several versions of those, and not all of them are interchangeable. They're not that big, so I'd suggest keeping them as they are.

Well, if you suspect you may have already uninstalled the apps they came with, you may delete them, there's no harm in that. The apps that require those libraries will explicitly say which version they require. The problem is, the specific versions of VC Redistributable are a pain to find on your own. The Microsoft website (this is where they come from) is utterly disorganised.

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yea,,i have deleted previous versions and i checked on google for the latest version and i updated to  2012...i got one more problem recently ... am i not irritating you asking so many questions?  tongue

problem is that,,,today i open my google chrome browser and the page is showing..when open it always come PAGE UNTITLED ...i have installed it many times,,,but again same problem...plz help i will be thankfu; to u////

neither tools,settings, opening nothing...
even i lost my all saved passwords....

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I'm not sure I can help you with this one, there are just too many possible causes of this.

The only thing I can suggest is, go to Start menu -> Run... (or press Win+R), and type %appdata%. Press Enter. You should see a Windows Explorer window with your Application Data folder open in it. Look for the folder called Google. Enter it. Then locate the folder Chrome and delete it. This should flush your Google Chrome settings to their defaults.

This won't bring your saved passwords back, I'm afraid, but at least you'll be able to use Chrome again.

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still same untitled,,,any thing else i can do???????????

and do this happen for example i recently installed fifa 12 and it is installed in C disk but my programe and features, where programes are instaled,its not showing .....same thing with my  fifa online 2.....WHY?

i have fifa 12 and the full  game is near about 6.5GB but my CD is showing 3 GB ...i am confused that i have full game or demo..can u tell me how can i know that i have full game or demo version,,,

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Sorry, I'm afraid I won't be able to help you with this one.

Try creating a new topic in the 'Software Discussion' section of the forum. After all, 'Software Informer Client bug reports' is hardly a fitting place for questions like this. smile

I'm closing the topic.