Topic: wrong latest versions shown in SI - and other ridiculous problems

I wish I could give you a specific list, and maybe when I've had enough time to digest the mess, I will. But suffice it to say, SI has a severe problem with reporting new updated software versions. The newest versions available are version number that don't even exist in many cases. After four days of this I think I'm going to have to ignore what it says, which I doubt was the point.

Here is one case in point. Google Talk. SI says I have version, and that version 1.0.13 is the latest available. But I have now downloaded and reinstalled this package, and each time I get That is what on my computer and has been on my computer since before I installed SI.

I have run into similar confusions with more than a dozen apps so far.

The most annoying one though was WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, which was on Giveaway of the Day a few days ago. That was version 5.1. The very next day, SI reported version 5.7 was available. I downloaded the update and when I installed it, I completely lost access to the app. Because I'm guessing the 5.7 that SI had a link for was trial not full? In any case, I could not at that point reinstall 5.1 because the Giveaway day had already passed, so now neither works.

That is pure rubbish!

Re: wrong latest versions shown in SI - and other ridiculous problems

Software                Reported Installed      Really Installed      Reported Latest        Real Latest (per dev website)
UBCD4Win                   3.50                         3.50                       3.52                          3.50
Windows Media
   Format SDK                                  
Photosynth              2.109.1002.1657      2.109.1002.1657     2.109.1112.2054          2.109.1002.1657
RapidShare Mgr                        
Adobe Flash Player
Logitech SetPoint           4.80.103                4.80.103                 5.20.40                        4.80.103
Avery Wizard                  3.1.5                      3.1.5                       3.1.9                           3.1.5

I verified the latest version by going to the developer's site in each case and downloaded the most current version available.  Therefore, your app is not trustworthy since it does not give up-to-date ACCURATE information for us to act on.  It cannot reliably detect the version of the software installed on our machines as evidenced by the RealPlayer issue.  And it does not give us accurate information about what the most current version of the software is either as shown by the remainder of the list.  And this is just a partial rendering of the mess it generated for me.  BTW, the app should have the ability to export the result sets so we could easily dump it to a file to copy and past here.  It is much less work than having to continually switch between the apps for those unfortunate enough to be working on a single monitor system.  I got wise a long time ago.  I use dual monitors.

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Re: wrong latest versions shown in SI - and other ridiculous problems

Hi Momcat1,
    We had SI installed on my son's old computer a couple of years back, & had exactly the same kind of problems as reported by you & Bruce. I installed it on my new PC the other day, just to give SI a second chance, and this time, before starting indiscriminate downloading & installing according to SI's report, I'm carefully checking ALL. Already found :

Software             Reported Installed      Really Installed      Reported Latest        Real Latest (per dev website)

Shareaza:-                                   6.1                          

Synaptics TPad
Driver     :-                                   

Drivers   :-                  2.11.15                  

      I don't have time to go through all the prog's on my pc, but I have the feeling that my list would not prove to be exhaustive, 'cos I more or less picked these 3 at random:(
      In all 3 cases, I have the correct soft ALREADY installed !!!

      In one case, Shareaza, the proposed latest version doesn't even exist!,
     & in the last 2 cases, the reported installed soft refs are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!     Not really the sort of stuff to inspire confidence:mad:
     SI seems to make no distinction between operating systems, brands, computer models, or anything else for that matter. Their completely misleading information must have put thousands of people all over the planet in a complete quandary. No information is better than bad information, moreso in the world of computers, where even the difference between a "," & a "." in a computer programme can cause chaos, a badly advised soft can cause absolute chaos.

I have used for the last 5 years File Hippo. It's never been wrong, ever, & it's really easy to use. I'm gonna go roll a fat one, & while I'm smokin' it, I'm gonna uninstall Software Informer. They've had their second chance from me & they've blown it.

      Good Luck, & good computing         cool

Re: wrong latest versions shown in SI - and other ridiculous problems

I can only agree with the previous posters.

  • Software Informer doesn't always recognize the correct installed version

  • The version reported to be latest by Software Informer is not always really the latest version

  • But what is worse: sometimes the version reported to be the latest one doesn't even exist!

Being a software which purpose is solely to inform about new versions the poor reliability of the given information is unacceptable.


Re: wrong latest versions shown in SI - and other ridiculous problems

Is there any feedback / reaction from the developers here about this problem, since i just had some wrong latest version reports, too? I just opened some tickets til the ticketing system told me i were not allowed to have more open tickets sad